10 gifts for a Supreme Court Justice.

Do the Supreme Court Justices receive presents during the holidays?   We asked our Twitter Followers to help us come up with great gift ideas they would give the Supreme Court Justice’s this holiday season.  Here are some of those ideas from that Tweet.   Perfect gifts suggested by readers for Justice Ginsberg – RBG ranked…

What do Supreme Court Justices say in the courtroom?

17-5554 STOKELING V. UNITED STATES DECISION BELOW: 684 Fed.Appx. 870 LOWER COURT CASE NUMBER: 16-12951QUESTION PRESENTED: Is a state robbery offense that includes “as an element” the common law requirement of overcoming “victim resistance” categorically a “violent felony” under the only remaining definition of that term in the Armed Career Criminal Act, 18 U.S.C. §…

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Who won in the 5-4 ruling this week?

Did workers lose this big this week to their employers? Maybe not read and listen to Epic Systems v. Lewis oral argument – Enjoy and please share/retweet