Twas Right before Christmas (at the Supreme Court) *A great Holiday poem*

Twas right before Christmas, when all thro’ the Court,
No argument was stirring, not even a tort.
The cloaks were hung by the Supreme Court with great care,
In hopes that Oral arguments soon would be there;
The lawyers were nestled all snug with their briefs,
While visions of precedent were their belief.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg sat down to look at a note
While listening to Opera some Austrian guy wrote.
When on the Court Steps arose such a clatter,
RGB sprang from the Chambers to see what was the matter.
Away to the window she flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters, and threw up the new sash.
An alarm went off and up came the guard.
“Everything is ok” as she handed him a holiday Gift Card.

The open window and moon shone brightly that night
Giving luster to tourists and Capitol Hill, a delight;
When what to her wondering eyes should appear,
But eight fellow Justices, getting ready for a New Year.
RGB said Roberts, now Gorusch, now Kagen, now Sotomayor
on Kennedy, on Thomas, on Alito, and Breyer (Brey-or)

Hurry come in there are lots to be done.
We nine are the Justices and all we are one.
The New Year is close, 2017 is almost through.
We have many cases and briefs, so much left to do.
New arguments will come and old ones may go.
Just like with Spring comes the melting of snow.

We’ll hear oral arguments, decisions and a long conference too.
Talk gerrymandering and cake, we’ll debate each issue.
We prepare for the New Year, and an old one that’s done.
We first celebrate our Scotus family, our family that is one.

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