What’d you give your Favorite Supreme Court Justice this Holiday Season?

We asked a number of our Twitter Followers to help us come up with some good gift ideas for the Supreme Court Justice’s this holiday season.  Here are a few ideas from that Tweet.

Justice Ginsberg was a popular receiver of gifts.  A number of followers wanted her to have the gift of everlasting life.  We tried to find this on Amazon through its Prime Discounted Monthly Offering but no luck. So instead we thought to look young might be the next best thing and using this skin care product might help?

For Chief Justice John Roberts, one follower requested Stationary.  So we thought this Scales of Justice, Chrome Desk Seal would make a great combo with these blank patriotic stationary cards.

Some of our followers suggested Justices be very well versed in important documents including the Constitution, key to all Americans.  As a reminder for the Justices framed copies of the important documents to be hung at home or in the office.

For the other Supreme Court Justices, we thought these ideas make great gifts.

Since health and longevity were on the mind of many we thought a good gift might be some under the desk exercise equipment to help the Justices stay fit.  Or for those less adventurous how about some comfortable shoe inserts during those long Conference Days.

For those who just want to enjoy life and eat the best food while doing so here’s a rare splurge New York Prime Beef – Kobe Japan – 4 x 18 Oz. Steaks – “THE BEST STEAK ON THE PLANET”.  To end our list what Justice wouldn’t love this great stocking stuffer to celebrate the holidays.

Thank you to all our followers for your great gift ideas – keep sharing, retweeting and  Supporting @Scotus & TheScotusReport.com

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