New Jersey wins big in Supreme Court Gamble

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s challenged Federal law banning most of the fifty states from sports betting and won big!    The Governor asked the Supreme Court to pave the way for New Jersey to take a portion of the Sports betting industry.  An industry that rakes in billions of dollars every year.

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports betting.  This landmark decision paves the way for states like New Jersey who have been preparing for this day for years.

New Jersey legalized sports gambling in 2011 as a way to help Atlantic City and its dying Casino industry. This law never took flight as it faces a tough opponent in the NCAA and is backed by an Act meant to protect Amateur sports.  The Act supported a federal court ruling that stopped New Jersey from moving forward.

Congress can still choose to regulate gambling or leave it up to the states to act on their own accord.

New Jersey believed this case was a perfect example of States rights vs Federal overreach which works to undermine the authority of state government.  New Jersey also believes that the Act used to protect sports is Unconstitutional.  Stay on top of Constitutional Law check out with this guide.

While Christie may not be the best ball player he did not this one out of the park for his home state of New Jersey.

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