Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump’s Nominee for Supreme Court Justice

After much speculation as to whom it would be the President has chosen Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court.  The President made his announcement from East Room of the White House much like the Gorsuch announcement a year earlier.

Judge Kavanaugh was the editor of the Yale Law Journal later earning his law degree from Yale.  Trump was said to be looking for a Justice with Ivy League credentials. At one time Kavanaugh worked for the counsel investigating President Bill Clinton which lead to his impeachment.  Kavanaugh went on to work for the George W. Bush campaign and Bush White House.  President Bush later nominated Kavanaugh in 2003 but wasn’t confirmed for three years as Democrats held up his confirmation.  Kavanaugh was a law clerk for Kennedy whom he would replace. His views on abortion are mostly unknown but “signed an order to prevent an illegal teenage immigrant from getting an abortion.”




The nominee as the next Supreme Court Justice must now meet with individual Senators to gain support and then eventually meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee which goes over the Kavanaugh’s background and judicial record.

After Committee hearings a vote is taken as to pass the nominee onto the full Senate for a vote.  If the nominee receives a majority of votes 51 total he or she will be the next Supreme Court Justice.  If there is a tie Vice President Pence casts the tie-breaking vote.

We’re sure the vote will not be this simple as there may be some Filibusters that come into play.  Look for McConnell, Pence, Grassley, Schumer and a host of special interest groups to be active as the nomination process heats up.

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