Is Judge Judy on the Supreme Court?

One of the best-known Judges in the United States is Judge Judy.

But is Judge Judy part of the Supreme Court?  A recent report by Jeanne Moos from CNN describes how 10% of college students believe Judge Judy actually serves on the US Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court consists of one Chief Justice and eight associate justices, each of which is nominated by the President.  They must then be confirmed by the Senate, giving the justices tenure for life.  But is Judge Judy, part of the highest court in the land known also known as Scotus?

Judge Judy

No, she definitely is not.

She is, however, part of a television show/courtroom which is filmed in Los Angeles for a nationwide audience.

The Supreme Court consisting of its nine judges holds court just off Capitol Hill for a much smaller audience.  While this court doesn’t produce for a large TV audience or even allow images to be taken inside the courtroom, the decision it makes can and often do change the laws of our nation.




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