NFL plays at Supreme Court?

Will the Supreme Court meet the NFL head to head this year?

footballIn the very near future, there could be two big NFL dramas playing themselves out in the courtroom.

The first is the four-game suspension for New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady for his role in Deflategate.  The All-Star player was suspended for his role but later given a reprieve from a lower court ruling.

Now Brady has hired former Solicitor General Ted Olson, a frequent visitor to the Supreme Court.  Some say this could be a sign that Brady is gearing up for a Supreme Court battle to end his four-game suspension.

Another NFL drama could see itself meeting with Scotus this year.  The Washington Redskins have been battling to protect the TradeMark of their name for a few years. Some say this battle could jump to the Supreme Court to put a final end to the argument.

So will we see the NFL in the courtroom this year? Probably.  Will we see these two cases in the Supreme Court?  To be determined.



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