Obama says “no” to lifetime appointment.

Recently during a campaign trip to Iowa, Hillary Clinton was asked if she would appoint President Obama as a Supreme Court Justice? Hillary thought this would be a great idea and appeared to take it under serious consideration. IMG_8514

President Obama’s White House press secretary Josh Earnest seemed to have a different take on future plans for the President saying – the President is not interested in a Supreme Court appointment once leaving office.

But what would the President do after leaving office?

Some say big money for speaking gigs.  Others feel recent appearances on TV could point to an Obama looking for a future role on the small screen.  While some close to TheScotusReport have suggested they could see him involved in sports, due to his fondness for Sports News/TV.

Whatever his next role is I’m sure the President won’t need millions of votes to land a new position.




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  1. House of girl that President Obama will make a good Supreme Court justice

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