OP-ED: Trump Nominees need not apply?

To Whom it may concern:

Like the rest of our nation I’ve watched a circus unfold around what is supposed to be an otherwise dignified process.  The vetting of a Supreme Court Nominee and his ability to serve on our nations highest court.

A process in which a Democratic Senator Leahy, who’s been present for numerous Supreme Court nominations stated “the best way to determine if one is qualified for the Supreme Court is to look at their record as a judge in lower courts.”

Like the nation I watched as Democrats fought the nominee on multiple fronts, from his record in the White House to his years in High School.   Numerous Senators refused to meet Judge Kavanaugh, all while simultaneously declaring him unsuitable for the position.

Now in a last minute attempt to derail the nomination process, unsubstantiated allegations are leveled by ranking minority member Senator Feinstein of the Judiciary Committee.  More accusations have quickly piled on in a quantity vs quality effort to break the nominee or President Trump?

Unlike the rest of the nation I had the honor and privilege to work with both Ashley and Brett Kavanaugh for 5 years.  When I’m asked about the accusations made against Brett my answer is simple – “you just don’t know Brett”.  Brett’s not that kind of guy, he’s the responsible one in the room, always willing to help.  Brett’s the guy who goes out of his way to help those in need, is kind to strangers and doesn’t think what’s in it for me?  Brett’s wife Ashley is similar in this regard and has to be one of the kindest people I’ve meet since moving to DC.

I saw Brett and Ashley last year at their daughter’s Championship Basketball game and even though it was a big day for Brett (he was coaching) he took time to come talk with me as if it’d only been days since we worked together.

The picture the media is painting of Brett is one of fiction not of fact – They just don’t know Brett and are more likely to view him simply as a Trump nominee.

Watching Brett go through this nomination process I’ve tried to imagine what it’d be like if a family member would have to face similar vague, public accusations from a lifetime ago.  Would I rush to the defense of that family member or simply say I believe these unproven accusations, that person seems credible?  This simple “seems credible” litmus test to determine one’s guilt goes against everything our justice system stands for.  Like the Supreme Court motto says ‘Equal Justice Under Law”.

Democrats Senators have asked that the FBI be brought in to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what the truth is.  If you go back in recent history this was done with the Anita Hill case and nothing could be substantiated.  Much like these accusations I’m sure any investigative organization would be hard pressed to find clear evidence of any sort.  In the end you couldn’t prove or disprove Anita Hill’s accusations and the FBI report was deemed “worthless” by then Senator Biden.

This whole process makes me think of the simple question investigators ask when trying to determine an individual worthy of security clearance.  The question is simple “would you trust this individual to watch over your kids”?  If I were asked this of Brett I would say yes I feel safe leaving my kids with him.  I feel like this is the basic type of question the Senate should be trying to answer.  Is Brett a competent nominee who would care for our Constitution and our laws?  His record on the bench clearly proves he would be a good steward of our nations laws, the judicial system and our nations highest court.

If for some reason Brett Kavanaugh is not the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States it’ll be politics that has won the day and I know from experience with Brett that we the people of the United States will have lost a great opportunity and addition to the Supreme Court.

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