Deadlocked no more! – How Gorsuch may change the course of cases to come.

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first full term on the U.S. Supreme Court promises to show just how much his appointment will change the course of cases to come.

The term opens Monday, full of divisive cases that could rest on a single vote, starting with arguments over worker class-action lawsuits and political gerrymandering of election districts. The court will consider whether gay rights must yield to business owners’ religious beliefs, and the justices on Thursday recently added the fight over mandatory union fees paid by government workers.  We will quickly see how electing a President can change the face of the court.

This term will include highly charged cases like:  The Trump Travel Ban, which bans countries without a way of verifying travelers prior to entering the US.  A policy which was suggested by the Department of Homeland Security.

Wisconsin Democrats want the court to strike down a current voting map on the basis that it’s a flagrant display of Gerrymandering and violates the Constitution.

Sports gambling specifically in New Jersey would reinstate a law legalizing gaming at certain venues.  The ruling on this case could bring this type of gambling to other states.

Companies want to stay away from Class Action lawsuits brought by employees. Decisions by the court in 2011 and again in 2013 want to be extended by employers who’d like to keep these suits out of the workplace.

Union fees for Government workers.  A case that would determine if the millions of Government workers could forgo paying union fees.

Cell-phone privacy specifically a case that determined a cell phone users whereabouts during the commission of a crime.  Digital privacy rights will be seen more in the coming years so this case could set an interesting case for the future.

These issues, and how a new justice will affect the court are sure to keep this Supreme Court term interesting.


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