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Nearly a year after the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History opened its doors it has finally included a display featuring Justice Clarence Thomas.

On Monday, a Smithsonian spokesperson made the announcement that an exhibit of Justice Thomas had been installed in the Museum.  The display also honors the first black Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Many were upset that Justice Thomas had been excluded from the museum, under the assumption it was mainly due to his conservative record.

Even if you don’t agree with Justice Thomas many still believe he deserves recognition for his years of public service, contributions to constitutional law and an amazing life story.

A story of a man born the ancestor of slaves whose father left at the age of two.  His mother worked for pennies a day and by age seven he and his family would be homeless. Years later Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated which became the leading influence in Thomas’s pursuing a career in law.

It’s unfortunate that the museum did not include Justice Thomas with the opening of the museum.  The Smithsonian has corrected its omission by making room for this key figure on the Supreme Court.

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