“To protect and serve” – The United States Supreme Court

I would like to thank the officer who let us take this photo and was an outstanding representative of the Scotus police force.

As part of the Judicial system, the Supreme Court is part of the three branches of our Government, they are Judicial – Scotus, Executive – The President and Legislative – Congress.

One thing unique to the Supreme Court is that it is the authority for every court within the Judicial system and the final interpretation of the Constitution.

With this enormous duty comes the need for proper protection of the Supreme Court building, the Supreme Court Justices, employees and all those who visit.  Some of the other duties for the Scotus Police include “courtroom security, dignitary protection, emergency response, and providing assistance to building visitors”.

This is why the Supreme Court has its own Police force.  A security force created in 1935 by a handful of individuals.  The force has grown since those early days and now handles all security for the Court and those inside.  This security service is lead by an appointed Marshal who oversees’s the entire force.  The Marshall is in some ways like a sheriff or bailiff that answers to the court as opposed to the President or Attorney General.

While the Justices make key decisions that interrupt the Constitution of the United States they can feel safe knowing they’re protected by the Supreme Court Police Force when doing their duties.

While these forces main priority is to protect and serve the United States Supreme Court, I know this force protects us all.