Who dominated Oral Arguments – We have the breakdown.

There has been some talk that the newest Justice, Justice Gorsuch has taken over the Supreme Court during Oral Arguments.  Is this true or have others dominated the courtroom?

We have gone over the Oral Arguments heard last week and tracked each Justice, their number of questions and occasionally statements.  We have excluded Justice Roberts from this count due to his role and duties as the Chief Justice.

Here is the breakdown from the six Oral Arguments heard last week.

Kennedy 75
Thomas 0
Ginsburg 53
Breyer 71
Alito 68
Sotomayor 107
Kagan 76
Gorsuch 98*

One observation was that the Court seemed to have a natural flow without numerous interruptions as some reports have stated.

* While we did notice a number of questions coming from Gorsuch, a high number were very brief statements such as: “Thank you”, “understand”, “fine”, “yes” or addressing someone by name.