Supreme’s support Travel Ban

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court responded to an urgent request from the Justice Department. The request was to keep the “Trump Travel Ban” in place.  This past June a decision was made that allowed for a limited ban blocking citizens of six countries from entering the United States.  The Court ruled that a limited ban could legally go into effect on these nations except for those with “bona fide” connections with the United States.

One of the reasons for the urgent Justice Department request was due to a Circuit Court ruling that would revoke the ban.

Another factor for the Justicsupreme-court-544218_1280.jpge Department’s last move is due to a limited time frame that was given for the ban which was to be 90 days. The Justice Department asked to keep the ban in place until a hearing can be held that would make the ban permanent.

A hearing to debate the legality of the ban is scheduled for

the Supreme Court later this fall.

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