What is the Long Conference?

The end of Summer marks the beginning of the Long Conference. The Long Conference takes place prior to the beginning of a new term. During this private conference, the Justices determine from thousands of cases a small number of which will go before the court beginning October 1st.
The Conference will once again take place with a full bench of nine Justices.  These Justices rulings will play a key rule in law for years to come. The rulings this year may include some of President Trump’s most “controversial” decisions made since taking office in January.
While the chances of one specific case going in front of the court are slim, there is still a very small chance it sees the light of day.
A way to track these small few can be found in the cert pool The cert pool is a new site that “tracks docket activity on a case-by-case basis”.  This information can help users pay attention to specific cases based on the issue, attorney and location.
Look for some hotly contested debates in upcoming cases that will definitely play an important role in this terms rulings. These cases include issues of immigration, terrorism, discrimination, gerrymandering and First Amendment rights.


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